August 8, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - February 5th, 1987

February 5th, 1987
DC published 7 comics, I read 5 of them. 

Issue of the Week:
Justice League (1987) 1 - "Born Again" (Keith Giffen / J.M. DeMatteis, Kevin Maguire, Terry Austin) 

So...  You probably have read this issue. Or at least have seen the cover. Or at least have seen one of the many, many imitations of the cover. Giffen, DeMatteis and Maguire arrive to refresh the flagship DC team and begin what is arguably the greatest success to spin out of Legends. It flows pretty nicely from that mini-series, actually, as we saw the formation of this group suggested there and agreed upon by most of those faces on the cover. Today this incarnation is sometimes referred to as the "Bwa-Ha-Ha" League because of its humor, and while present from the start, this aspect becomes more prominent as the title continues and this issue evidences straight off that darker themes are a part of the mix as well. Maxwell Lord's actions are no laughing matter and establish an intriguing mystery as to his intentions. Even when the "bwa-ha-has" start flying, Justice League (later Justice League International) isn't just a joke book. 5/5 
The Rest: 
Fury of Firestorm (1982) 59 - "Glass Houses" (John Ostrander, Joe Brozowski, Dennis Janke) 

The introduction of Parasite to the post-Crisis universe concludes in this solid issue. Ronnie and Martin remain vulnerable after Parasite absorbed Firestorm's power. Fortunately, Firehawk arrives and, while ultimately defeated, she provides the men with the last boost they need to reform. In the end, Parasite is off to the new Belle Reve prison and Professor Stein reveals that he has a brain tumor. 4/5

Outsiders (1985) 19 - "The Winds of Change" (Mike W. Barr, Jim Aparo) and "Halo, Senior and Katana, Junior" (Mike W. Barr, Dan Spiegle) 

What seems like maybe a windfall for the Outsiders when Windfall of the Masters of Disaster shows up turns out to maybe be the opposite. The team nearly succumbs to poisonous gas before their former enemy shows up to blow it all away. Afterwards, they welcome her as one of their own, but it seems she may have Terra-like intentions. In the backup, Halo falls asleep and dreams of a world where she's the adult and Katana the kid. Also, every one thinks she's awesome. It's kind of a lesser version of that Uncanny X-Men issue where Kitty imagines the X-Men as characters in a fairy tale. 3/5

Vigilante (1983) 41 - "Night Moves" (Paul Kupperberg, Tod Smith, Rick Burchett) 

Vigilante tries to lose the awkward teenage blues. 

Sorry. He does try to lose blues, though. New York City blues, the kind that drive in cars with flashing lights on top. The titular nocturnal maneuvers are necessary as everyone is out to get Adrian Chase. The cops because his identity has been outed and criminals because a price is put on his head by a crime boss. Chase deals pretty well with both, the latter because he's willing to take the fight right to the top. Elsewhere, we check back in with both Valentina Vostok and Peacemaker, subplots I am glad to see continued as I am intrigued by the way that Kupperberg will eventually carry at least the former into Checkmate. 4/5
Wonder Woman (1986) 4 - "A Long Day's Journey into Fright" (George Perez / Len Wein, George Perez, Bruce Patterson) 

Since I honored this title as best of the week for its first three installments, I figured I'd highlight Justice League on its inaugural issue. That's not to imply there's any dip in quality this time out; future first weeks of the month will be rather competitive between these two books, I suspect. Diana battles Decay in the first part of the story, a tussle that destroys the Kapatelis home and spills out into the streets of Boston. As a result, our Amazon warrior finds herself the subject of much public curiosity and is dubbed Wonder Woman by a newspaper. Later, as Diana and Julia are trying to cure Vanessa who had been aged by Decay, Steve Trevor and Etta Candy track down Diana due to television coverage of her fight, Trevor recognizing her as the woman who saved him from drowning near Themyscira. Unfortunately, they are followed by Ares pawn Colonel Michaelis. 5/5

Also published by DC: Tales of the Teen Titans 77 and Watchmen 9.    

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible.

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