July 25, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - January 15th, 1987

January 15th, 1987
DC published 10 comics, I read 5 of them.  

Issue of the Week: 
Booster Gold (1986) 15 - "Runback" (Dan Jurgens, Bruce Patterson)

Booster's disastrous trip back to the future concludes. While Rip Hunter and Jack Soo come close to rescuing Booster and Trixie, releasing them from their binds, they're overwhelmed by the amount of police since the suits of both of the rescuees are low on power. But then it's Michelle Carter to the rescue in a school bus. Fortunately, school buses in the future fly and even have some limited defensive capabilities. They make it to another time machine but Broderick, the purple-suited fellow on the cover is waiting with his mentally-challenged muscle Animal. Furthermore, the time machine's power lines need someone to hold them together. Booster's all set to be the sacrifice until Animal recalls that Trixie saved his life. As such, he does the duty and five folks find themselves in 1987; Michelle has to tag along as well since she's a wanted criminal now too. 4/5
The Rest: 
Adventures of Superman (1939) 427 - "Mind Games" (Marv Wolfman, Jerry Ordway)

The Freedom League attack on Metropolis in recent issues utilized machines that trace back to the nation of Qurac. Now that he's back from Apokolips and Professor Hamilton is in police custody, Superman can trace down this lead to figure out why his city was assaulted by this group. When he has reached President Marlo of Qurac, hoping to learn the location of the terrorists, his mind is probed by two members of a mysterious group called The Circle, Zahara and her husband Prana. Despite his wife's warnings, Prana pursues a mind link between him and Superman and this eventually results in his death, a fate for which Zahara blames the Man of Steel. While I appreciated the continuation of the Freedom League plot and the art was fantastic, the antagonists were a little too ambiguous for me to love this issue. 4/5

Green Lantern Corps (1960) 211 - "Pink Elephants" (Steve Englehart, Joe Staton, Mark Farmer) 

The Green Lantern Corps get drunk, tie one on, get wasted. Not that most of them intended to. Guy Gardner can't get over the fact that the rest of the Lanterns are working on New Year's Eve. That stuffed shirt Hal Jordan seems to think that they need to protect the people that are celebrating instead of joining the celebrations themselves. So, Gardner takes it upon himself to spike their water, using his ring to help him intoxicate the more unusual (from a homo sapiens viewpoint) members like Salakk. Hal and Arisia get, uh... amorous, John and Katma get engaged, Kilowog gets depressed, Ch'p gets to dancing and Salakk gets mean... and passes out. Elsewhere, Kari Limbo's party sense goes off and she rushes over to the citadel where she proceeds to inject Guy in the neck with the spiked water before indulging herself. When in Rome... I guess. But when they come under attack suddenly, Guy has to use his ring to sober himself, Hal, Arisia and John up quick. The antagonists are... pink elephants. What's more, these pink elephants seem to know their names! Arisia finally puts it together that Salakk is generating these pachyderms in his sleep. After all that Russia business, this was a fun, silly issue. 4/5

Infinity Inc. (1984) 37 - "The Heritage" (Roy Thomas / Danette Thomas, Todd McFarlane, Tony DeZuniga)

"The Origin of Northwind" proclaims the cover. Yes, that's pretty much what we get in "The Heritage" and we're getting it now because Hector Hall is hanging out with Hath-Set. Norda (that's Northwind) hangs out with his grandfather who seems to have prepared him from birth to take on this challenge. The Hath-Set story is an interesting one, but this issue leans a little too much on flashbacks and history. I guess it does what it says on "the tin," but I'd rather get deeper into the actual "Silver Scarab Saga." 3/5

Shazam: The New Beginning (1987) 1 (Roy Thomas / Danette Thomas, Tom Mandrake)

Legends was, in part, designed to feature characters that would be appearing in several new titles beginning after the mini-series concluded. New Justice League and Suicide Squad teams were formed within the story and while there were plenty of characters on hand, editorial asked that the new Flash, Wally West, and Captain Marvel be given prominent roles. Flash, Justice League and Suicide Squad all went on to have healthy runs, but this mini-series was all that Captain Marvel had until Jerry Ordway retooled the character in 1994. It doesn't seem to have been sales that were the problem and writer Roy Thomas has suggested "there might have been some sabotage." 

The Thomases' new origin for Captain Marvel feels of a kindred spirit to other post-Crisis revamps. There's an effort made to contemporize while maintaining some of what made the character special. This origin is also the first to tie-in Black Adam. And years before the Dursleys stuffed Harry under the stairs or Olaf preyed on the Baudelaires, Billy Batson's mother's step-brother Thaddeus Sivana gains custody of him for his inheritance and then sticks him in a storage room. As unusual as it is to see Billy a ward of Sivana, he still encounters the wizard Shazam, of course. While, given the choice, I prefer Ordway's version, I'd have been quite happy to see this version have a longer stay and I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the mini-series. 4/5

Also published by DC: Adventures of the Outsiders 44, New Teen Titans 30, Swamp Thing 59, Warlord 116, Who's Who 26.  

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible.  


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