June 5, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - September 4th and 11th, 1986

September 4th, 1986
DC published 7 comics, I read 1 of them.

Vigilante (1983) 36 - "Mask of Death" (Paul Kupperberg, Denys Cowan, Kyle Baker) 

While there's no clear "dividing line" to mark the post-Crisis Vigilante, Adrian Chase ends up resuming the identity in this issue, so it makes for the best choice, really. Though since this issue depicts the events that cause Chase to put on the mask again (and it's only the mask that he dons), so for Vigilante, recent events, at least, are still a part of continuity: Chase had given up his secret life and first Alan Welles and then Dave Winston had used the costume. The (nice Mike Grell) cover is no joke: Winston dies, shot by the Peacemaker, another Charlton "action hero" making his DC Comics debut. This issue was a nice surprise. 4/5

Also published by DC: Angel Love 5, Green Lantern Corps Annual 2, Hex 16, Justice League of America 257, Tales of the Teen Titans 72

September 11th, 1986
DC published 9 comics, I read 3 of them.

Batman (1940) 402 - "There's Nothing So Savage as a Man Destroying Himself!" (Max Allan Collins, Jim Starlin) 

While I can't point you to any specific examples, I know I have read and watched numerous stories where a super-hero gets blamed for the actions of an imposter. I'm pretty sure I've seen that happen to Spider-Man more than once, at least. Something about this plot gets under my skin; I find it frustrating and kind of annoying. Maybe I fear being falsely accused? Whatever the reason, as I'm sure you're assuming, this story sees an unhinged, ex-cop acting as the Batman. The title is kind of clever: tied to the cover, you could interpret it as Batman fighting himself, but, really, it must refer to the imposter, Tommy Carma and his self-destructive activities. There's nothing incompetent about this issue, but I won't be picking up extra copies to hand out on Halloween or anything. 3/5

Legion of Super-Heroes (1984) 29 - "No Star Shall Shine" (Paul Levitz, Greg LaRocque, Mike DeCarlo) 

The cover promises the "all-new Starfinger" and, wouldn't ya know it, there's a new Starfinger in this issue! I'll admit, I didn't know anything about the old Starfinger, but that's okay, as it turns out: he's dead. The new one killed him. Despite his silly name, Starfinger turns out to be an interesting antagonist and that's the strength of this issue. Since this is a Legion issue, there's also several sub-plots that will feed into later issues, particularly "The Universo Project" story line. 4/5

Man of Steel (1986) 5 - "The Mirror Crack'd..." (John Byrne, Dick Giordano)  
"This issue does not feature Bizarro.  This issue is terrible. Hate, Bizzaro." 5/5

Also published by DC: 'Mazing Man 12, Blue Beetle 7, Electric Warrior 8, Elvira's House of Mystery 10, Secret Origins 9, Star Trek 33

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible.

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