June 5, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - October 2nd, 1986

October 2nd, 1986
DC published 9 comics, I read 5 of them.

Issue of the Week:
Vigilante (1983) 37 - "Pawns" (Paul Kupperberg, Tod Smith, Rick Magyar) 

Last issue Adrian Chase donned the Vigilante mask again after Dave Winston was killed by the Peacemaker. That's not synecdoche, Chase only has the mask, so he has to break into Winston's apartment for the rest of the costume. Later he's contacted by Valentina Vostok; it doesn't take a hard sell to convince Chase to track down the Peacemaker. He's also tasked with dealing with the terrorists that were the Peacemaker's actual target. She declines to mention that she hired the Peacemaker in the first place. In doing so, Chase teams up with now ex-police Harry Stein who will go on to play a part in Kupperberg's Doom Patrol and Checkmate and based on the quality of these Vigilante scripts I'm really looking forward to them. 5/5

The Rest:
Demon (1986) 1 - "Direction from the Darkness" (Matt Wagner, Art Nichols) 

Based on the frequency of the house ads, DC gave this mini-series a nice push. This is Wagner's first work for either of the "big two" and his name must have had some cache from his independent work because it's featured prominently in those ads. Unfortunately, I found this issue to have a slow start. The first seven or so pages are a conversation between Jason Blood and his girlfriend Glenda that I wasn't invested emotionally enough in the story yet to really care. I was also amused by the length of the character introduction box; I guess Wagner decided on an information dump there rather than try to incorporate all of that back story. Nonetheless, he shows a firm grasp of said background as builds upon it as well as a deft handling of the Demon's rhyming dialogue, not something every writer can pull off well. 3/5

Justice League of America (1960) 258 - "Saving Face" (J.M. DeMatteis, Luke McDonnell, Robert Smith) 

The JLA got their butts kicked by Brimstone in Legends #2 and this issue begins with them smarting about it. After an argument breaks out between Vibe and Elongated Man, Martian Manhunter disbands the team due to the executive order against superheroes. Meanwhile Professor Ivo, long-time foe of the JLA, is out for revenge on the team even though those he hates are no longer active members; he's fine with striking at them through their replacements. One of his robots finds Vibe. It seems like Vibe is victorious -- the robot is mostly dismembered -- and then the robot's disembodied hand chokes Vibe to death. 3/5

Fury of Firestorm (1982) 55 - "Stench of Brimstone" (John Ostrander, Joe Brozowski, Steve Mitchell) 

Welcoming "guest" writer John Ostrander. As it turns out, after a fill-in for issue 56, Ostrander will pen the remaining 45 issues of the volume. Another Legends tie-in, in the first part of the story Firestorm gets the "stench of Brimstone" on him as he battles the fiery being. After a building full of people is destroyed, he carries that stench away to his hometown of Pittsburgh. There he finds out about the executive order the hard way as he's asked by police to disappear before he causes a riot. The two halves of Firestorm are at odds about the order: Professor Stein wants to comply, Ronnie does not. In the second half, we meet college student Jack Sawyer who buys in deep to Godfrey's rhetoric. He starts a book burning outside the college library and Ronnie forces Stein to transform but, as a result, has trouble controlling his power to the joy of Jack and his cronies. 3/5

Outsiders (1985) 15 - "Biohazard" (Mike W. Barr, Dan Jurgens, Mike Gustovich) 

Dr. Helga Jace, the Markovian scientist that gave Geo-Force his powers, arrives by helicopter to a lab in California. Jace's former apprentice has created a virus that attacks the immune system. She has good intentions, but Jace confronts her on the possible nefarious applications of her invention. She does not receive this criticism graciously. In her anger, she accidentally infects herself and also releases the virus. The Outsiders are called in and fight their way to Dr. Jace. She explains that the virus seems to have a developed a rudimentary intelligence. Decent single-issue story with admirable fill-in art by Dan Jurgens. 3/5

Also published by DC: Angel Love 6, Hex 17, Tales of the Teen Titans 73 and Watchmen 5

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible. 

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