June 5, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - October 16th, 1986

October 16th, 1986
DC published 9 comics. I read 4 of them.

Issue of the Week:
Adventures of Superman (1986) 424 -"Man o War" (Marv Wolfman, Jerry Ordway, Mike Machlan) 

The "non-Byrne" Superman book begins with the first of several iconic covers by Mr. Ordway. Maybe it's just the almost timeless quality of the art, but against the two Byrne titles, Adventures could almost be seen as the title to comfort long-time Superman fans... except there are some notable new elements. Maybe most surprising is seeing Clark Kent flirt with Cat Grant. Not Lois! Kent and Grant are sent on assignment to interview a Professor Hamilton about his invention, a device using magnetic waves to create a force field around the Earth. Meanwhile, a group called the Freedom League is attacking Metropolis with strange machines and Luthor temps Lois with a serum that will save her mother. 5/5

The Rest: 
Booster Gold (1986) 12 - "War" (Dan Jurgens, Mike DeCarlo) 

They've been messing with him for too long: Booster Gold goes after The 1000. They're prepared, though: he has to run a gauntlet designed to reduce his power levels to nothing. When he finally confronts The Director, leader of The 1000, he doesn't even have his flight ring as he has given it to Trixie so that she and Sarah Davis can escape. Booster and The Director have a pretty brutal fight that ends in an explosion. Only Booster makes it out, but he collapses as soon as he does. 5/5

Green Lantern Corps (1960) 208 - "Red Lantern" (Steve Englehart, Joe Staton, Mark Farmer) 

Kilowog talks with Pietr, the Russian man he met last issue. Pietr is in the United States as a spy and he sells Kilowog on communism. Meanwhile, news of the Legends executive order reaches the rest of the Corps and they decide to leave the country. Initially they head to Africa, but when Kilowog summons his lantern to Russia they follow it. In the end, the Corps is split, as Katma Tui and John Stewart join Kilowog in the communist country. 5/5

Infinity Inc (1984) 34 - "Injustice For All" (Roy Thomas and Dann Thomas, Todd McFarlane, Tony DeZuniga) 

Northwind tracks down Hector Hall who is hanging out with his parents' nemesis in the form of a woman. Meanwhile, other Infinitors meet up with Global Guardians in Calgary to guard a trade conference. Four pages are dedicated to a history of the Global Guardians and their connections with the Justice Society. Not as "new reader friendly" as the previous issue. 3/5

Also published by DC Comics on this date: Adventures of the Outsiders 41, New Teen Titans 27, Swamp Thing 56, Warlord 113, Who's Who 23

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  1. Global Guardians always fascinated me as a kid. I loved the idea of international heroes. The Super Friends was their first appearances I think. Read some of those this year in the Showcase Presents.

  2. It looks like you are right. I didn't see Super Friends as a kid. As an adult, I became familiar with Fire and Ice and eventually realized they used to be a part of a different group. Definitely an interesting concept that has never seemed to take off. The New Guardians didn't fare much better...