June 8, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - November 6th, 1986

November 6th, 1986
DC published 7 comics, I read 5 of them.

Issue of the Week:
Wonder Woman (1986) 1 - "The Princess and the Power" (Greg Potter, George Perez, Bruce D. Patterson) 

George Perez's Wonder Woman is a favorite of mine and it starts out great, so I have to make this my pick. Will it dominate month-by-month? There's a good chance, although in a few months it will get some competition in Justice League International. This first issue is not only the history of Wonder Woman but of the Amazons as our tale starts thousands of years ago. In fact, Princess Diana isn't born until page 24 of this 32 page story. By the end, though, Diana is elected the champion that will go to Man's World to contest Ares. However, the amount of time Perez and co. spend on the Amazons makes clear that they are dedicated to strengthening the connection between Wonder Woman and Greek mythology. The creation of the Amazons is also given a powerful new wrinkle in that they are created by several goddesses from the souls of women slain by men. Much of the Wonder Woman we know today started here. 5/5

The Rest:
Fury of Firestorm (1982) 56 - "Firestorm No More" (John Ostrander, Joe Brozowski, Steve Mitchell) 

Some serious fallout from the prior issue as Professor Stein likens Ronnie forcing him to become Firestorm to rape and threatens to kill him if he ever does it again. Stein will now be the only one permitted to form Firestorm and he agrees to do so to stop book-burner Jack Sawyer and the followers he's gathered. Things get more complicated though when Hawk (of Hawk and Dove) shows up and takes a typically militaristic approach to dealing with the student riots. Careful to remain out of site lest his appearance cause things to escalate further, Firestorm helps diffuse the situation. 3/5

Justice League of America (1960) 259 - "Homecoming" (J.M. DeMatteis, Luke McDonnell, Bill Wray) 

The destruction of the JLA continues. The element of surprise is gone after Martian Manhunter finds Vibe's body and deduces his killer. Still, it's only an aversion to killing a child on the part of Ivo that prevents his robot from shooting Gypsy. And so Gypsy's fate isn't as brutal as Vibe's, fortunately. Nonetheless, this four-part story to conclude the first volume of Justice League of America feels a bit cruel. That's not an adjective I would normally associate with the writing of J.M. DeMatteis. I'd reach for "humorous" and/or "thoughtful" first. I don't find this tale to be either of those, really. That makes me wonder how much of this ending was editorially driven, clearing the way for the new League. 3/5

Outsiders (1985) 16 - "The Firefly's Blaze of Glory" (Mike W. Barr, Jan Duursema / Jerome K. Moore, Al Vey)

Goofy villain for a goofy super-hero team. 'Goofy' isn't necessarily a bad thing. Poor Firefly. The Outsiders won't take him seriously. When he steals Halo's powers and she starts dying, though, they change their outlook. Firefly uses his stolen abilities briefly for a crime spree but then Halo's teammates track him down and defeat him. Nonetheless, Firefly feels like he's finally found the respect that has eluded him. Looker will have none of this self-esteem boost. She makes him forget all about his recent accomplishments and he's back to feeling like he's a failure. 3/5

Vigilante (1983) 38 - "The Face of Vengeance" (Paul Kupperberg, Tod Smith, Rick Magyar) 

The title is my first surprise of this project. Definitely the runner-up for issue of the week. Not long after resuming the Vigilante identity, Adrian Chase's secret identity is exposed on television during a fight with the Peacemaker. The two managed to cooperate briefly to take down the terrorist leader that was Peacemaker's original target. However, the Peacemaker doesn't deal well with the Vigilante getting the kill. In their ensuing battle, he unmasks Vigilante while a reporter is filming. This exposure means that Adrian Chase will now be the Vigilante 24/7. Even after only a few issues, I know that can't be good for Chase's mental health in the long run. 4/5

Also published by DC Comics on this day: Tales of the Teen Titans 74, Watchmen 6

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible.

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