June 21, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - November 27th, 1986

November 27th, 1986
DC published 12 comics, I read 7 of them.

Issue of the Week:
Question (1986) 1 - "The Bad News" (Dennis O'Neil, Denys Cowan, Rick Magyar)  

"He'll get to the truth... or he'll die trying," read the house ad introducing the book... and they weren't kidding. The Question was created by Steve Ditko, of course, but, as editor Mike Gold states in the letters page, there was only a little over 60 pages of material produced before DC purchased the Charlton heroes. So, Denny O'Neil deserves some credit in creating the Vic Sage we know today, I think. And he brings in his character Lady Shiva! 5/5
The Rest: 
Action Comics (1938) 585 - "And Graves Give Up Their Dead..." (John Byrne, Dick Giordano)  

The presence of The Phantom Stranger intrigued me, but this team-up didn't entertain me as much as I expected. Probably would have made for a better story without Superman, actually, as I enjoyed some of the spiritual confrontation that the Stranger was involved in, but Superman feels sort of tacked on. The Man of Steel acts as the muscle while his guest star gets to do everything interesting. Okay, flying out into space is technically interesting, if, say, I had the opportunity to do it, but Superman does that all the time. 3/5

Cosmic Boy (1986) 3 - "Past, Present... and Future" (Paul Levitz, Keith Giffen / Ernie Colon, Robert R. Smith)  

Cosmic Boy and Night Girl try to go back to the future... and it doesn't go well: the end up back in 1986. Time Bubble repaired they try again and overshoot their destination a bit. By "a bit" I mean they reach the end of time and are confronted by the Time Trapper! (Not much of Legends tie-in really... Booster Gold last week was more than this issue and it wasn't a tie-in!) 4/5

Detective Comics (1937) 571 - "Fear For Sale" (Mike W. Barr, Alan Davis, Paul Neary)  

My favorite of the Barr-Davis Detective issues so far and it also has a great cover. The Scarecrow varies his usual shtick will interesting results. I gotta say, though, Davis' Robin looks so young! Batman just seems plain irresponsible taking this kid out against deranged individuals. 4/5

Hawkman (1986) 7 - "Honor: A Tale of Madness" (Tony Isabella, Richard Howell, Carlos Garzon) 

This title is a sleeper hit in my opinion -- I've listed the last couple issues as my pick of the week -- but this installment, for some reason, didn't quite reach the level of the previous ones. Still, a decent story. This series gets forgotten since DC decided they wanted a different post-Crisis Hawkman (and then a different...) but it contains solid '80s-style super-hero content and is worth a look. 3/5

History of the DC Universe (1986) 2 (Marv Wolfman, George Perez, Karl Kesel) 

Well, what am I going to say about this? I really like that these two issues were produced after Crisis to set down the history of this new universe. It's by necessity very macro-level and so, as we shall see, not going to prevent further continuity mishaps, but it's a fun overview of many great DC Comics properties with great art. Often paired with Crisis in collections, I think it makes for a great companion piece. 5/5

Legends (1986) 4 - "Cry 'Havoc'..." (John Ostrander / Len Wein, John Byrne, Karl Kesel)

With super-heroes ordered off the street, guess what happens? A lot of crime! Turns out the super-villains aren't as interested in doing what the government tells them! Who'd have thought? Out of necessity, several heroes continue to operate and some even return to operation like Dr. Fate. I feel the way about this issue as I do Legends over all: well told and well drawn which helps me get past the fact that the concept of a government ban on super-heroes belongs in a Marvel book. 4/5 

Also published by DC Comics on this day: All-Star Squadron 66, Little Shop of Horrors 1, Mask 1, Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes 344, Teen Titans Spotlight 7

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible. 


  1. Great post Chris.
    I have the following issues in my collection:
    Action 585
    Hawkman 7
    Mask 1.

  2. Thanks Pat!
    Coincidentally, I also read Mask 1 not long ago for an episode of Geek Brunch Retro-Cast. It was... okay. I never got much into the Mask toys or cartoon.