June 12, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - November 13th, 1986

November 13th, 1986
DC published 8 comics, I read 4 of them.

Issue of the Week:
Batman (1940) 404 - "Who I am How I Came to Be" (Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli)   

Superman was good this week and so was Blue Beetle for that matter, but Year One is one of my favorite Batman stories and I especially love Mazzucchelli's art. I think this has a reputation as a pretty good tale. Instead of sitting next to a window and seeing a bat fly by, Bruce is bleeding from a gunshot wound when one crashes through the window. 5/5

The Rest: 
Blue Beetle (1986) 9 - "Timepiece" (Len Wein, Paris Cullins, Dell Barras)

Legends Chapter 11. What's good about the issue is not the Legends tie-in (no surprise there), but the continuing story of Chronos and his niece Angela. Beetle encounters some negative sentiment because he's a hero, but when he gets the story from Angela about her uncle, feels it's worth the risk to disobey the executive order to pursue Chronos. 4/5

Legion of Super-Heroes (1984) 31 - "Knights in Shining Armor" (Paul Levitz, Greg LaRocque, Mike DeCarlo) 

A flashback tale featuring now dead Legionnaries as Sensor Girl tells the new Invisible Kid about her first mission which involved Ferro Lad, Karate Kid and the first Invisible Kid. Jacques Foccart, the new Invisible Kid falls asleep while she's talking; kids: no respect for history. Maybe if I'd read the Ferro Lad era, I'd have enjoyed revisiting it more. A decent story, but it comes after a few issues that felt like setup for something bigger and this delays that something bigger from arriving. 3/5 

Superman (1986) 2 - "The Secret Revealed" (John Byrne, Terry Austin)

Lex Luthor is Evil with a capital E. I suppose there was no use in Byrne pretending otherwise. He has the Kent home raided, Lana Lang -- who appears in photographs taken at many Superman appearances -- kidnapped and beaten, then later kills the kidnappers. Superman tries to confront Lex and finds out Luthor has the Kryptonite from Metallo. The items taken from the Kent home - Clark's birth certificate and a scrap book of newspaper clippings are fed into Lex's computer. After all that, it tells him that Clark Kent is Superman and he won't believe it. Perfect. 5/5 

Also published by DC Comics on this day: Electric Warrior 10, Secret Origins 11, Sgt. Rock 414, Star Trek 35

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible  

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