June 5, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - July 1986

July 10th, 1986
DC published 10 comics, I read 1 of them.

Man of Steel (1986) 1 - "From Out of the Green Dawn..." (John Byrne, Dick Giordano) 

The Post-Crisis Superman begins. This issue covers Kal-El/Clark Kent's early years, from birth to age 25. I get what they were going for with the birthing matrix; I get the desire to have the greatest DC super-hero an American citizen by birth. But I don't think it was necessary. Maybe it's because I like a Superman that transcends nationality, a Superman that can take an outsider's perspective on humanity at times. That said, I can appreciate variations in the origins of our icons and I find what Byrne did here interesting and very well executed. While Krypton looks and the Kryptonians act a bit different than before, other places appear and other folks behave a bit more like we're accustomed. Ma and Pa Kent are as reliable as ever and I enjoyed their involvement in developing the Superman identity for their adopted son. 5/5

Also published by DC: Amethyst Special 1, Batman 400, Blue Beetle 5, Electric Warrior 6, Elvira's House of Mystery 8, Fury of Firestorm Annual 4, Legion of Super-Heroes 27, Secret Origins 7, Star Trek 31

July 24th, 1986
DC published 9 comics, I read 1 of them.

Man of Steel (1986) 2 - "The Story of the Century" (John Byrne, Dick Giordano)  

It's no accident that Lois Lane appears on the cover. While we see her in issue one, this installment provides a fuller portrait of Ms. Lane and Byrne doesn't hold back depicting the lengths this reporter will go for a story: she drives her car off a pier knowing that Metropolis's new protector will play lifeguard. I'd say that this issue hews a little more toward being faithful to earlier eras of Superman, perhaps due to the truth of the old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it." The meeting between Superman and Lois after the rescue even evokes their similar encounter in Superman: The Movie, I think. But, poor Lois: she goes to such great lengths only to have her scoop spoiled by new Daily Planet staff member Clark Kent. How'd he beat her to the story? She may not know, but she sure won't let him forget about it! 5/5

Also published by DC: All-Star Squadron 62, DC Challenge 12, Detective Comics 567, Hawkman 3, Legion of Super-Heroes Annual 2, Lords of the Ultra-Realm 5, Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes 340, Teen Titans Spotlight 3

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