June 23, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - December 4th, 1986

December 4th, 1986
DC published 10 comics, I read 6 of them.

Issue of the Week:
Wonder Woman (1986) 2 - "A Fire in the Sky" (Greg Potter, George Perez, Bruce D. Patterson)

Man, George Perez's Wonder Woman looks great. By this time in his career, Perez was truly a master. With apologies to Mr. Aparo in particular, it really stands out among the art on the other books this week. Col. Steve Trevor appears for the first time post-Crisis and while he appears in a plane over Paradise Island, Perez updates the story for 1986 since in this new DC Universe, Diana will first encounter "man's world" in the present day. There wasn't a World War in 1986, so Steve's plane arrives due to the machinations of Ares and Wonder Woman will leave the Island to prevent the god from starting a war (nuclear, of course) rather than to end one already occurring. 5/5

The Rest:

Demon (1986) 3 - "So Made He in His Likeness" (Matt Wagner, Art Nichols)

Belial has his girlfriend Glenda, so Jason Blood summons the demon with a complicated ritual. He gets some answers about Etrigan and Merlin by feeding Belial pigeons but he can't get Glenda back without a larger sacrifice, one that he doesn't even intend to make but his fragile hold on the demon ends up allowing anyway. While I'm giving this the same score as previous issues, I liked it a bit more. I still don't know who the narrator is and if I'm supposed to know. I guess I'll find out next issue. 3/5

Fury of Firestorm (1982) 57 - "Due Monday" (Barbara Kesel, Jose Delbo, Steve Mitchell)

Ronnie has a paper due Monday and the guy in the dorm room next to his won't stop blasting his Devo. What begins as an effort to deal with that annoyance turns into a long night of protecting his fellow students from poisoning and other threats. This is very much a fill-in story, maybe even one that had already been written since the two halves of Firestorm, Ronnie and Stein, show no signs of the rift between them in the prior issue. I guess we'll say it takes place earlier. 3/5

Justice League of America (1960) 260 - "Flesh" (J.M. DeMatteis, Luke McDonnell, Steve Montano) 

The decimation of the "Detroit League" continues. This time Steel is on the block and if it vies for anything it vies with issue 258 for most upsetting ending. The death of Vibe and Steel do not strike me as heroic departures. Their team has split up, they're frustrated, they go out not against a League villain but an android replica of one. It leaves you feeling sad and sort of punched in the gut. I'd say I didn't like it, but that seems too low of a score for the competence with which the team executes (no pun intended) the tale. 3/5

Outsiders (1985) 17 - "Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night -" (Mike W. Barr, Jim Aparo)

Batman is back! That's all the cover wants/needs to sell you on, but we need an antagonist (even though the relationship between the caped crusader and his former team can get a little testy at times) and readers in the know will understand who that is when they see the name Dr. Bruce Gordon. Or maybe when they see cultists running around in purple and crimson garb. Either way, that means ECLIPSO! I think my excitement was increased by the fact that I happened to read this while friends and colleagues were covering The Darkness Within for #besteventever, but, regardless, this was well done. 4/5

Vigilante (1983) 39 - "Mommy Said Never Talk to Strangers..." (Paul Kupperberg, Tod Smith, Rick Magyar)

"Suggested for Mature Readers" wasn't just a gimmick to sell more issues of this series. Vigilante tracks down a group that are acting in his name but committing racist hate crimes instead of upholding justice. Things get complicated when the daughter of one of the group members is abducted by a guy named Ricky. He sells kids to a slavery ring that ships them overseas, but he gets in trouble when he "uses" his latest victim before they pick her up. Vigilante tracks Ricky down and ends up shooting him in the head but not before gathering some information to pursue in the next issue. 4/5

Also Published by DC Comics on this day: Angel Love 8, Ironwolf 1, Tales of the Teen Titans 75, Watchmen

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible. 

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