June 30, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - December 11th, 1986

December 11th, 1986
DC published 8 comics, I read 4 of them

Issue of the Week: 
Batman (1940) 405 - "War is Declared" (Frank Miller, David Mazzucchelli) 

Jim Gordon has been around as long as Bruce Wayne has and one of the things I like about Year One is that it's not just a Batman story, but a story about both of them. In this issue, they're still figuring out that they have the same goals, even as they end up trying to save the same old woman from being hit by a truck. Still, Gordon isn't going to just overlook the fact that Gotham's vigilante has "apparently committed seventy-eight acts of assault in the past five weeks." That's because Gordon's instinct is to do things 'by the books,' as when he corners Batman in a tenement building and he orders his men not to shoot. Gordon's not the commissioner (yet), though. Gillian Loeb is, and he orders the SWAT team in and they fire bomb the building where the caped crusader is trapped. 5/5 

The Rest: 
Blue Beetle (1986) 10 - "Time on His Hands" (Len Wein, Chuck Patton, Dell Barras)

Legends Chapter 15. After last issue, Ted pursued Chronos into the pages of Legends issue 4 and he finally catches up with him in his hideout here in this tale. Regular artist Paris Cullins' cover playfully evokes Salvador Dali with melting clocks and it's not just appropriate thematically but it fits the mood as well, since Wein makes sure that the tale fits its upbeat protagonist. However, inside, Patton's fill-in art doesn't quite match the temperament in the same way. 3/5

Legion of Super-Heroes (1984) 32 - "Forgotten Heroes" (Paul Levitz, Greg LaRocque, Mike DeCarlo)

After several issues of set-up, "The Univero Project" officially begins. Honestly, I expected the events of this issue to take place on a larger scale, but I wasn't disappointed with what I got instead. The issue mostly focuses on Saturn Girl after she wakes up in captivity on a strange planet. Her mental abilities have helped her break the programming in which fellow Legionnaires Dream Girl, Brainiac 5 and Chameleon Boy are still suffering. A few pages do dip into events with team members elsewhere, but we mainly follow Imra's situation. It's not often we get such focus in a Legion issue, and this installment was well-timed as I hadn't really felt much of an emotional connection to the story in the previous issues and now I think I'm a bit more invested in "The Universo Project." 4/5 

Superman (1986) 3 - "Legends from the Darkside" (John Byrne, Terry Austin)

Superman gets pulled into Legends in this, the first of a three-part story running through his three titles. I know Byrne will go on to have a history with Kirby's Fourth World characters that sounds kind of hit-or-miss (with maybe more misses than hits as time goes on?), but this early use is a hit, I'd say. When Omega Beams searching for Superman whisk Clark Kent to Apokolips and set him before Darkseid, he plays dumb and doesn't admit to being anything other than being a newspaper reporter. Darkseid calls his bluff and tosses him to the Hunger Dogs: the unfortunate folk that live under the oppression of Darkseid. Superman tries to stay incognito but, being Superman, has to aid a rebel in trouble and the issue ends with him falling into one of Apokolips' fire pits. 5/5   

Also Published by DC: Electric Warrior 11, G.I. Combat 288, Secret Origins 12, Star Trek 36, Who's Who in Star Trek 1

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible.  

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