June 5, 2017

Post-Crisis Pull List - August 1986 Part Two

August 21st, 1986
DC published 7 comics, I read 2 of them.

Detective Comics (1937) 568 - "Eyrie" (Joey Cavalieri, Klaus Janson) 

The Bat books got pulled into Legends early, but the connections are kind of minimal. G. Gordon Godfrey even looks different in each appearance early on... until they got the character model down, I guess. Batman's not really concerned with Godfrey in this issue, though, as The Penguin is at large, stealing giant falcons. This one-off issue is sandwiched between two well-regarded runs - Moench and Colan; Barr and Davis - but it holds it own, especially the Janson art. He's most known as an inker, but he also takes care of the pencils and colors for this issue. 4/5

Man of Steel (1986) 4 - "Enemy Mine..." (John Byrne, Dick Giordano) 

Now Lex Luthor graces the cover of Man of Steel. Byrne sets up the antagonism between Superman and a Luthor that is more of a business mogul than scientist. Luthor is arrested by Superman and it doesn't matter that he'll spend little time between bars; it's the indignity of being incarcerated at all that infuriates him. Byrne's Luthor is used to being on top and won't stand for sharing the Metropolis spotlight. By the end of the issue, Luthor vows to kill Superman, leaving little doubt that these two are still enemies. 5/5

Also published by DC Comics: All-Star Squadron 63, Hawkman 4, Lords of the Ultra-Realm 6, Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes 341, Tales of the Teen Titans Annual 4

August 21st, 1986
DC published 5 comics, I read 2 of them.

Legends (1986) 1 - "Once Upon a Time..." (John Ostrander, Len Wein, John Byrne, Karl Kesel)  

Maybe you could point to Man of Steel #1, but I'd say where that's the start of the post-Crisis Superman, Legends is where the post-Crisis DC Universe really gets started. As a result, a lot of characters make their post-Crisis debut in this issue. Since one of those folks is Wally West, I covered this with the rest of the mini-series on episode 49 of From Kid to Flash. 4/5

Outsiders (1985) 14 - "The Looker Murder Case" (Mike W. Barr, Jim Aparo) 

I dig the cover which evokes old romance comics. Otherwise, this issue is kind of unremarkable. The Looker find herself accused of murder; The Outsiders investigate and clear her name. 3/5

Also published by DC Comics: Fury of Firestorm 54, Son of Ambush Bug 6, Teen Titans Spotlight 4

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible.

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