June 6, 2017

DC Silver Age - September and November 1954

September 1954
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (1954) 2 - "The Flying Jimmy Olsen," "The Hide and Seek Mystery," "Jimmy Olsen, Superman's Ex-Pal" (Otto Binder, Curt Swan, Ray Burnley) 

Jimmy gets super powers after drinking an alien chemical and becomes more than Superman's Pal. Sidekick! I mean that he becomes his sidekick! Sorry to break it to you, though, it turns out to be a dream. Later, some crooks store their jewels in the Flying Newsroom and Jimmy exposes a Superman impersonator (Jimmy wants to keep that market to himself). 4/5

World's Finest (1941) 73 - "Batman and Superman, Swamis Inc." (Edmond Hamilton, Curt Swan, Stan Kaye)  

To draw out a criminal, Batman pretends to be a fortune teller. Most prognosticators don't have the help of a Kryptonian to make their predictions come true! The Caped Crusader's disguise works, but we need some conflict: in retaliation, the crooks kidnap Robin to draw Batman into a trap. Will Superman rescue them? What do you think? 3/5

Also in this issue: "The Yankee Schoolmaster" (Tomahawk), "The Hercules Arrow" (Green Arrow)
November 1954
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (1954) 3 - "The Boy Millionaire," "The Fastest Gun in the West," "The Man Who Collected Excitement" (Otto Binder, Curt Swan, Ray Burnley) 

A trio of entertaining stories in this issue. The titles can be kind of one the nose, so you might guess at their contents. "The Boy Millionaire" sees Jimmy the recipient of said amount of money after he rescues a cat! Of course, by the end of the tale, the cub reporter's finances are back to normal as he has to burn his money to make smoke signals to alert his Kryptonian buddy. In the other stories, Jimmy investigates a town terrorized by a gunslinger and a man who seems to be staging accidents to photograph the victims. 4/5

World's Finest Comics (1941) 74 - "The Contest of Heroes" (Bill Finger, Curt Swan, Stan Kaye)  

An alien visitor to Earth causes problems and the World's Finest initially have trouble dealing with him. Eventually, Batman figures out that the alien is an adolescent and wants to play. To get him to leave, Superman figures out his home planet and travels there to obtain an model of it. When the alien sees it, he becomes homesick and leaves. It probably would have sufficed to create a facsimile of the alien's planet without traveling there, but I guess for Superman his method didn't take much more effort. 4/5 

Also in this issue: "Green Arrow's Kid Brother" (Green Arrow), "Gray Wolf's Revenge" (Tomahawk)

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