June 6, 2017

DC Silver Age - May and July 1954

May 1954
World's Finest Comics (1941) 71 - "Batman - Double for Superman" (Alvin Schwartz, Curt Swan, Stan Kaye)  

That Lois. Always trying to figure out Superman's secret identity. She finally thinks she's got it - Clark Kent - so Superman and Batman switch costumes. Lois doesn't end up thinking that Bruce Wayne is Superman; things get so mixed up that she decides the whole thing is a elaborate prank. 3/5

Also in this issue: "The Invisible Death" (Green Arrow) and "Feathered Fighters for Freedom" (Tomahawk)

July 1954
Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen (1954) 1 - "The Boy of 100 Faces," "Case of Lumberjack Jinx," "The Man of Steel's Substitute" (Otto Binder, Curt Swan, Ray Burnley) 

The debut of Jimmy's signal watch and the Flying Newsroom! Jimmy follows some jewel thieves, investigates some problems at a lumber camp, and tries to convince some workers building a bridge that Superman has paid them a promised visit. I'm wondering why Jimmy spends so much time at labor sites. But, anyway, the last story is probably the most entertaining due to the various methods that Jimmy comes up with to pretend that the Man of Steel is present. 4/5 

World's Finest Comics (1941) 72 - "Fort Crime" (Alvin Schwartz, Curt Swan, Stan Kaye)  

Clark Kent and Lois Lane are kidnapped while interviewing some prisoners. Kent leaves a trail for Batman to follow. Once the Dynamic Duo arrive, he uses his powers secretively to assist their rescue. 4/5

Also in this issue: "The Flying Archers" (Green Arrow) and "The Talons of Terror" (Tomahawk)

My thanks to the site Mike's Amazing World of Comics without which this project would not be possible.

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