June 10, 2017

DC Silver Age - January and March 1955

January 1955
Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen (1954) 4 - "Disappearance of Superman," "The Hunted Messenger," "King for a Day" (Otto Binder, Curt Swan, Ray Burnley) 

In the first story we see that Superman needs the help of his "pal" sometimes too. Jimmy notices that Superman has been missing for a while. Eventually he finds him in a cave, too weak from Kryptonite to move! The middle tale has Mr. Olsen carrying a package that causes him to be attacked by crooks. And in "King for a Day," Jimmy is just that. He pretends to be a king when he's mistaken for such until the real one shows up. Unfortunately, there's assassins looking to off the monarch of this country. Fortunately, Jimmy knows a guy that can deal with that kind of threat. 4/5

World's Finest Comics (1941) 75 - "Superman and Robin" (Bill Finger, Curt Swan, Stan Kaye)  

Superman and Robin, the Dynamic Duo! The original Dynamic Duo take down the Purple Mask Mob but in the process the Caped Crusader inhales a unique poison that will only kill him if he exerts himself. Try to tell Batman to sit around, though. So, Superman convinces him that his leg is broken. Robin teams up with Superman to find an antidote. 4/5

Also in this issue: "The World's Most Famous Arrows" (Green Arrow) and "The Battle of the Medicine Men" (Tomahawk)

March 1955
Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen (1954) 5 - "The Boy Olympics," "The Brain of Steel," "The Story of Superman's Souvenirs" 

Jimmy helps a rival newspaper stay afloat so that their newsboys have a job by holding an Olympic event. He keeps it a secret from his boss Perry White, but it turns out that "Don't-call-me-Chief" actually contributed money to the fundraiser, believing competition is good for business. Then, in "Brain of Steel," Jimmy fills in for Superman via computer when Clark Kent and Lois Lane end up handcuffed together. Finally, the cub reporter encounters a thief in his own apartment. Jimmy has plenty of souvenirs from Superman's adventures and, thinking one of them could help him escape, the crook makes Jimmy tell him about each one. But the one he selects has a detail Jimmy leaves out and as a result the bad guy gets caught. 3/5

World's Finest Comics (1941) 76 - "When Gotham City Challenged Metropolis" (Edmond Hamilton, Curt Swan, Stan Kaye) 

There's a science convention shopping for a host city. Gotham and Metropolis are the contenders. To decide the winner, the cities' respective super-heroes switch cities and compete to see who can perform the most "feats." So, it's a face-off between Booster Gold and Mother Panic. Just kidding! I can't believe you fell for that. It's Superman and Batman, of course, those other characters didn't even exist in 1955, geeze! And since it's 1955, Batman and Superman are good buddies, such that the former tries extra hard to win to protect his pal from an invention that emits Kryptonite rays. 3/5

Also in this issue: "The Mechanical Archer" (Green Arrow) and "The Schooner on Wheels" (Tomahawk)
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