March 30, 2015

From Kid to Flash 012 - Crisis on Infantino Earths!

From Kid to Flash is an unofficial fan podcast focused on the DC Comics character Wally West examining his evolution from sidekick to Justice League member. 

Episode 12 features Flash #173. Join me as three Flashes team-up for the first time! Barry, Jay and Wally in "Downward Flight of the Flashes" by John Broome, Carmine Infantino and Sid Greene. 

After that, I offer a brief biography of Carmine Infantino as we say goodbye to him as a regular penciler featured on this podcast. 

Hear more about JLA and JSA team-ups on Comics and History.

Carmine Infantino - Penciler, Publisher, Provocateur.

Intro Music: Blank & Kytt - "Sgt Frog"

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